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My paintings contain I, we, you, and they. Movement, dynamism, endogeneity, and expression come together. These are paintings without a blueprint or a scheme; instead, they are filled with spontaneity. When facing the canvas, I start a journey inward, although my communication with the external world continues. Colored within these ebbs and flows, the symbols I use on the surface are not chosen by me but emerge from the painting’s own logic. They are the colored and lineal dimensions of the voices coming from the inner me.


The way I work may conflict with the ways of many. I turn inward and spill my accumulations on the canvas only to ask myself where I got entangled in these things. These interrogations keep placing themselves on the surface until I find their roots or I find new obsessions. My compliant and resistant nature enables me to observe the psychology of the people around me. People exist in the context of their surroundings. Their influence, togetherness, and solitude live immersed with one another. Naturally, I cannot remain indifferent to the events that I witness. And I end up having to face in my paintings the things I witness.


When they are ready, my works, in which I watch and interrogate myself, do not tell stories. When exhibited, they are interpreted differently with various meanings by each and every individual. Therefore, it is more fruitful for my audience to ask what they themselves get from my work rather than what I am trying to say.


As our struggle to become individuals continues, the desire to be together pushes us to be in the collective in an intense manner. And here, people diverge in various ways in their behavior because of their diverse purposes. And choices … . Those with big aims who have achieved those aims can succeed in communication. What about those gone astray from their goals? They cannot achieve success in communication. These are the sources of the “without communication” theme in my paintings.


Our goals and our conditions, with and without solutions … Our solitude and togetherness… I, he, she, we, you, they … . In the dual paintings that complement each other and in paintings that switch places, you watch individuals communicating and losing touch with each other.


Have you ever occasionally returned to yourself and withdrawn? Or sunk into a feeling of loneliness and looked around you?


When you look at my paintings, you are also a bit of me!

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